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At Expert Access, we know that high-performing teams can make – or break – a project.  Organizations that train and build teams benefit from individual employees working in concert towards a goal, saving valuable time and resources.

The team building resources offered by our consultants range widely, from strategic, organization-wide team development initiatives, to tactical, one-time team-building workshops.  Some of the team-building resources we offer include:

Tactical Team Building Initiatives

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Team-building exercises and workshops
  • Innovation think tanks
  • Indoor / outdoor team building programs
  • Large group team building events and adventures
  • Team building activities and simulations

Representative Team Building Programs

Skills for Creating High-Performing Teams and Organizations: a 1- to 1 ½ day work conference for members of new or intact teams and business units who want to break through to a new sense of purpose and direction.  This program is suited to aligning energy and focus in the wake of organization change and restructuring.  

FASTEAMS®  - Team Learning Software: a revolutionary team performance system built to extend the current boundaries of e-learning. Its twenty-three online tools represent the accumulated best practices of over 350 teams. Empower your teams to benchmark their performance, track projects and solve common team problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need for a facilitator.

FASTEAMS® for Leaders : a classroom or web-based course that covers all facets of a team or project lifecycle. It provides team and project leaders with in-depth knowledge and application strategies for using the FASTEAMS® toolset. The software may be used in self-directed or instructor-led, face-to-face or distance learning formats.

Team Building Activities and Simulations –  Learn about leadership and high performance teaming in real time and transfer your learning directly to your work environment. Whether you choose a high ropes course, a scavenger hunt or an Indy Race Car event, kinesthetic experiences activate learning and powerful behavioral change while building collaboration and boosting performance across functions, locations and teams.

No matter what your team development needs, Expert Access stands ready to match you with one of our pre-screened, professional consultants or firms.  Contact us for a free consultation on how to improve team performance at your organization.

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