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Director, ConEdison

“Thanks to the resource you provided, the workshop on Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty not only met, but exceeded our expectations!  The feedback from the 300 people who attended was outstanding.  I’ll look forward to working with you in future projects.”



If leaders are to provide effective leadership and inspiration within an organization, they must be able to identify and build upon their individual strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and learn to trust their intuition.

Executive Assessments support business performance through talent development. They are powerful tools for any organization interested in:

  • Hiring the right candidate for the job
  • Identifying and improving upon executive leadership competencies
  • Identifying developmental needs or skill gaps within the leadership team
  • Executive succession planning

An essential, component of any comprehensive Executive Development program, Executive Assessments provide insight into the personality, thinking and learning style of the individual.  Assessments can identify as well as quantify areas of excellence, social skills, cultural diversity awareness, management styles, skill levels and areas of developmental need.

A Range Of Options

Expert Access recommends assessments that involve a blended approach of both behavioral and cognitive tests as well as simulations to provide a comprehensive profile of each executive’s strengths and developmental areas.  

A full-day assessment can compare results to cross-industry, national and international executive benchmarks.  The day may include business simulations, leadership role-plays, a behavioral interview, and cognitive tests supplemented by online inventories. 

Results and feedback gained during the assessment process can:

  • Determine whether organizational goals are clearly understood and pursued
  • Identify potential pitfalls, training and developmental needs
  • Encourage and support individual development and improvement through clear, focused feedback
  • Identify areas for targeted, individualized training
  • Provide positive reinforcement
  • Build more productive teams by providing better leadership

At Expert Access, our pre-screened, world-class Executive Assessment consultants offer a wide array of best-in-class assessment tools and techniques; from MBTI – the world’s most widely used and recognized personality tool, to the Hogan Leadership Suite, to 360° multi-rater surveys and feedback. With one call, we can help you identify and obtain the most appropriate assessment consultants and programs to meet your needs; and, like all of our services at Expert Access, there are no added fees for our services.

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