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Director, ConEdison

“Thanks to the resource you provided, the workshop on Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty not only met, but exceeded our expectations!  The feedback from the 300 people who attended was outstanding.  I’ll look forward to working with you in future projects.”



Effective Intelligence™: Detect & Connect

Don’t let conflicting styles get in the way of your productivity! Effective Intelligence: Detect & Connect is a practical, fun-to-participate-in and immediately applicable program focused on giving individuals the awareness, knowledge, and tools they need to communicate more effectively and achieve desired outcomes consistently. Based on the premise that our “Preferred Thinking Style” often determines our actions, and therefore our results, this program provides an opportunity to gain insight into your own Style, how it impacts those around you and how to work with other Thinking Styles for greater success. Participants will receive a personalized profile and their results will be brought to life through discussion, interactive exercises and relevant applications.

HBDI – Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Are inefficiencies plaguing your organization? Is your team losing focus? Are useful new ideas and products currently at a standstill? Herrmann International’s proven Whole Brain Thinking™ principles can help make your organization more productive, creative, and profitable. Herrmann’s Whole Brain Thinking™ methodology is the set of proven practices for cultivating the ability for individuals to act outside of their own preferred thinking styles. It can help your organization to build effective teams; create an innovative business strategy to solve a revenue problem; initiate organizational culture change; improve your decision making, problem solving, and planning skills and innovate more consistently and effectively

Interaction Styles Instrument

Leaders and team members must consistently communicate and work with people who have a variety of interaction styles. Seventy-five percent of the people we deal with are different than ourselves. It is important to be flexible and tailor speech, body language, and approach so that others become more open to listen and accept ideas. This is especially important in critical business situations, such as when you are selling, problem solving, working on a team, or providing customer service. When you can spot cues and subtle differences in the way people interact, you can effectively deal with team members, employees, peers, and customers.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Personality Preferences

After more than 50 years of research and development, the current MBTI® Instrument is the most widely used instrument for understanding normal personality differences. Because it explains basic patterns in human functioning, the MBTI® Instrument is used for a wide variety of purposes

SpeedReading People

SpeedReading People® is a 1-day workshop that teaches you how to SpeedRead and SpeedReach others so that what you communicate will be clear and effective. Created by best-selling author and speaker Paul Tieger, it is the next generation of personality type training in the Jung/Myers tradition and includes access to a set of groundbreaking on-line tools with additional techniques for “getting on the same wavelength” with the people you need to influence to achieve your goals. Today’s leaders know the importance of adapting their style of communication to optimize performance and to promote retention and engagement. And salespeople know it’s essential to “speak the language” of potential customers. SpeedReading People helps you to instantly identify preferred communication preferences of others, to present ideas in ways more likely to lead to “yes”, and to deal with the natural relationship management strengths and weaknesses of others—as well as better understanding your own.

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