At Expert Access, we know the importance of having available the expertise and programming to quickly and effectively ramp-up your entire team for important events, such as:

  • National Sales Meetings
  • New Product Launches
  • Global Expansion and International Sales Initiatives

We know the value of "partnering" for your ongoing sales and development needs. We offer expert Sales Training and Management Development Consultants who provide valuable strategic programming and oversight that can mold and support your sales team members from date-of-hire through advanced professional development.  Our wide-reaching selection of world-class programs blend synergistically so that you can choose the best configuration for your organization's particular needs.

Building Relationship Capital

Grow your sales into a steady stream of repeat purchases from loyal customers by learning four key components that transform your role as Sales Representative into that of a "trusted advisor".   This half-day workshop shows how building quality relationships (relationship capital) can substantially increase customer loyalty and sales revenue.

Effective Brand Communication for Managers

This 1 – 1.5-day workshop is designed to provide your marketing brand managers with the tools they need to create and effectively manage brand communication in a client/agency relationship. Using dozens of real-world examples, participants will learn to:
  • Define key elements in "brand building" for both brand positioning and new product architectures
  • Develop unique brand positioning
  • Create an effective agency brief
  • Judge, react to, and improve upon agency creative work and presentations

Global Sales Summit

This 3-day summit is a universal sales leadership opportunity that teaches participants how to celebrate your company's global differences and talents, while building a "one team" concept. Participants jointly create a strategic marketing handbook through sharing and capturing best practices around the world and participate in team competitions to promote cross-organization relationships. This world-class program encourages managers to embrace new ideas for developing their sales professionals; introduces effective tools to deepen customer relationships; and provides an opportunity for your company's business units to work together to create plans for applying newly acquired learnings to their specific areas.

Increasing Sales Performance

This interactive program teaches coaching skills for sales managers through live-practice discussions and video scenarios. Provides sales managers and supervisors (field and/or inside sales) with the tools needed to: objectively and consistently set performance expectations; provide effective sales coaching; conduct meaningful progress reviews, and develop goals and action plans for successful sales performance.

Reinventing the Sales Meeting

Skip the motivational speaker and power-up your National Sales Meeting with two of our world-class ideation facilitators. In 1.5 – 2 days you can turn your National Sales Meeting into a forum for generating powerful new ideas for selling strategies, trade programs and cross-selling opportunities. Your top sales people will be truly motivated by participating in challenging ideation sessions and creating innovative new ideas for growing the business.

Sales Leadership Alignment

A 3-day, fast-paced, learning and motivational program that combines educational modules, team competition and incentives for "Big Ideas", all aimed toward increasing productivity and growth. Interaction with your organization's senior leaders along with exposure to best-in-class tools for sales planning and execution, result in a sales force that is tightly aligned around mission and strategy. This is a valuable program for "new year" kickoff or "mid-year" motivational boost.

Sales Representatives and Field Management

An in-depth program that builds on a behavioral model and takes the idea of competencies to a higher level, providing more coachable details for the supervisors and managers. This concept provides transparency to the employee about expectations for performance and supports the manager in his or her day-to-day coaching activities. Programs topics and workshops include:

  • The Behavioral Model
  • Talent Management
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Train the Trainer

Sales Training for Global Account Managers

An online, blended learning solution for effectively training the global sales force. Based on an award-winning, scenario-based learning approach, this program maximizes classroom training time by providing prerequisite online presentation of basic concepts in an engaging and innovative way. Participants show dramatically increased knowledge and retention of content coming into the classroom. Course is available in multiple languages.

Strategy and Strategic Thinking

A one-day workshop that provides practical tools for utilizing "Strategic Thinking" as a tool for translating "strategy" in to practice. This program provides the critical foundation of definitions and concepts for thinking and acting strategically, and provides opportunity for a creative interactive discussion about breakthrough thinking. Participants apply their learnings in a case study discussion and through a Personal Business Challenge and feedback session.

Successful Selling Skills

This Consultative Selling Program is customized for content and participant skill practice. Each stage of the sales process is analyzed and detailed with "how-to" techniques and a workbook that requires the sales representative to think through each step of the process. Content covers rapport building, consultative skills, product positioning and presentation, overcoming objections, closing and customer relations.

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