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Sue Mullen, Vice President Human Resources, The Torrington Company

When our Division needed synergy, creativity, and collaboration within the organization to meet our corporate growth objectives, Expert Access was able to provide us with the organizational-effectiveness consulting we needed.  From her network of true professionals, Pat brought in a specialist in strategy implementation, organizational effectiveness, and senior leadership development. This has had a significantly positive impact on our Division.”



Blended Learning: It’s All In the Mix!

Put simply, Blended Learning is any combination of multiple learning platforms  - formal and informal, instructor-led and self-directed, in the classroom and on-line.  A successful Blending Learning solution will streamline the learning process, making it more impactful and effective.  From leadership development to sales training, development of a Blended Learning program must encompass:

  • The purpose, need or problem being addressed
  • The curriculum
  • Time available and length of course
  • Learning background and learning styles of the student
  • Motivation and incentives for learning the material
  • Evaluation and feedback

Blending the Right Ingredients = Optimal Results

The approaches to creating a blended learning program are as varied as the programs themselves.  Some of the options your company might consider include:

  • Outsourcing the technology development for a blended learning program, such as web-based and e-learning program development. 
  • Incorporating off-the-shelf workshops, seminars and/or simulations
  • Developing and combining the above with customized content

There is no one-size-fits-all.  However, due to the large and often complex nature of these projects, our clients often leverage the help of an outside professional or firm to help with various aspects of the development process.

The Program Design Approach

Regardless of how you chose to create your Blended Learning program, the program design approach should:

  • Match medium to learning need
  • Use media as a tool to deliver training message
  • Engage technology partners for complex delivery solutions

Follow ISD (Instructional System Design) principles, such as the “ADDIE” framework:


At Expert Access, we can help ensure the success of your Blended Learning Program.  Our pre-screened, best-in-class professionals can plan, develop and execute your entire program from the beginning, or "step in" at any point to implement any portion or segment or the program as needed.   Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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