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Sue Mullen, Vice President Human Resources, The Torrington Company

When our Division needed synergy, creativity, and collaboration within the organization to meet our corporate growth objectives, Expert Access was able to provide us with the organizational-effectiveness consulting we needed.  From her network of true professionals, Pat brought in a specialist in strategy implementation, organizational effectiveness, and senior leadership development. This has had a significantly positive impact on our Division.”



Building Cultural Bridges

A key consideration for today’s successful organization is its level of “cultural competency” -- a set of appropriate behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and policies that enable a system, or individual to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. Through the use of a Culture Mapping Assessment Tool participants recognize how pre-conceptions (stereotypes) affect interactions, assignments, teamwork, creativity and productivity. Through interactive exercises and case studies, they learn how to overcome potential cultural clashes and understand the benefits of having a diverse employee population

Business Ethics

Business Ethics (BE) is a half-day workshop designed to assist employees in developing and understanding a framework with which to make ethical decisions. Used in conjunction with the company policy statements and guidelines, these personal frameworks form the foundation of ethical business decision-making. Business Ethics can be implemented as a classroom style program or online.

Microinequities – Little Things Mean a Lot

Although companies have made significant strides in ensuring fair employment practices, subtle acts of exclusion called “microinequities” continue unabated. These devaluing behaviors damage morale, frustrate retention efforts, reduce productivity, and limit team performance. Valuing behaviors have the opposite effect. By learning to value others we strengthen our organizations, promote innovation and greatly enhance productivity. Program includes videos, and innovative exercises demonstrating the link between inclusion and teamwork, innovation, and performance. Using questions, positive assertion, valuing behavior, and constructive feedback, participants discover how to bridge differences and build relationships that support successful teamwork. 

Creating a Respectful Workplace

All too often, we become accustomed to workplace behaviors that don’t support a respectful environment. Creating a Respectful Workplace a half to one-day course, focused on building awareness and skills to move organizations from compliance to a long-term strategy of inclusion. Attendees will identify attitudinal barriers and develop effective interpersonal communication skills to increase inclusive behaviors and maintain a respectful workplace. Special consideration is given to multi-cultural and gender differences.

Fair Management Practices (Manager and the Law)

Provides managers & individual contributors with an understanding of employment law as it relates to their day-to-day work life. FMPcan be implemented as a classroom style program or online.

The Global Diversity Game

The Global/Diversity Game is a successful, highly interactive training tool that uses a game board (or quiz) format to explore facts about global diversity covering Demographics, Jobs, Legislation and Society as well as how to effectively manage in a multicultural workplace. 

Advanced Diversity Management (ADM) program

ADM is a one-day program, which provides managers and supervisors with the tools to get work done through others in an increasingly multicultural environment. The skills and processes presented in ADM are effective and pragmatic. They incorporate strategies to ensure success in meeting the challenges of managing a diverse workforce. They also provide managers with practical tools for motivating and enhancing performance in an inclusive workplace. At the conclusion of the training, managers and supervisors can immediately apply their newly acquired skills and insights back on the job.

Mentoring Solutions

Your leadership pipeline has to start with people who aren’t leaders. A well- executed mentoring program is a vehicle for grooming your next generation of leaders and an important part of your human capital development. Our firms can provide a number of high-impact, mentoring platforms that can be customized to maximize your organization’s mentoring experience and ensure return on investment for your development initiatives.

Motivation…at Work! The Critical Link Between Recognition, Employee Engagement and Business Results.

Exemplary leaders know that in order to retain talent, employees need to stay motivated, and, their hearts as well as their minds need to be engaged. That’s why a recognition strategy is one of the most cost- effective tools businesses can use to deliver results and strengthen relationships with employees. In this series, participants explore the dynamics of recognition – how it can help keep people – and keep them performing at their peak. Motivation…at Work! is designed for leaders at every level of the organization, from executives to line level supervisors, who are committed to building a performance-based recognition culture that really works to deliver measurable results.

Organizational Savvy and Executive Presence: Avoiding Political Blind Spots

Corporate employees, managers, and executives, are searching for ways to hold onto their integrity while becoming more influential…more politically savvy. They need to avoid being too narrowly focused on their own facts, logic and analysis and build support for their ideas within the organization. Without political savvy, they can become blind to hidden agendas, power relationships, and politics with which decisions are sometimes made. Without political savvy they could be limiting their career opportunities or diminishing their influence and impact.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

A frequently misunderstood issue facing all businesses. It has become increasingly important to recognize the effects of sexual harassment on the individual, the department, and the company in which it occurs. It is critical that today's businesses go beyond just the legal aspects of sexual harassment. PSH can be implemented as a classroom style program or online. Delivered in either format, PSH addresses both the legal and behavioral aspects of sexual harassment to ensure an inclusive, highly productive work environment.

Religion at the Workplace: A Delicate Balance

This session is designed for all managers, supervisors and human resource administrators who need to understand and properly apply current legal obligations relating to employee rights to practice their religion at work. Highlights include legal framework; tenets of major religions and how these manifest at the workplace; freedom to practice religion at workplace, public and private; reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs, practices and observances; current “hot-button” issues.

Retaining, Managing and Motivating a Multi-Generational Workplace®

In order to bring out the best in each generation, managers will need to adjust their styles. This leadership workshop looks at the motivational factors of traditionalists, boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. 

The Transcultural Leader

Today’s international workplace and global economy requires emerging and established leaders to work effectively with people from broad and diverse backgrounds. It requires individuals who understand international customer and client needs, as well as, the needs of a multicultural workforce. Being able to work in an ever-expanding marketplace requires a different set of skills and knowledge. Leaders are now expected to move seamlessly across organizations and successfully work with people with diverse expectations. This ability to transcend one’s own frame of reference and cultural preferences is called “transcultural competency”. Transcultural competency requires individuals to understand cultural differences, to know how to withhold judgment, develop a deeper understanding of the differences and to facilitate mutually acceptable solutions 

Valuing Workforce Diversity

The face of the workforce is changing more dramatically now than ever before. Women and minorities are entering business at record rates. Many companies are having difficulties utilizing the diverse talents and perspectives of their work groups. Valuing Workforce Diversity (VWD) is a one-day workshop designed to help all employees explore the rich variety of cultural perspectives in the organization as they relate to accomplishing business goals. VWD focuses on how we view ourselves and others and how that perception affects the way employees work together. Valuing Workforce Diversity can be implemented as a classroom style program or online.

Want to Enhance Teamwork and Collaboration? Boost Your Emotional IQ!

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, superior intellectual, technical and analytical ability is not enough. In fact, EI has been shown to be twice as important as other drivers of job performance such as IQ and technical skills. The good news is that EI can be learned and improved over time. In this workshop, participants will strengthen skills that are part of being emotionally intelligent. Activities and exercises allow for practical application of these skills.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention is presented as a one-day workshop designed to provide managers and individual contributors with the necessary skills to identify, prevent, minimize and eliminate aggressive and violent behaviors in the workplace. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Electives

Half-day elective workshops are recommended to address associated topic areas: Workplace Assessment; Domestic Violence in the Workplace; Proper Mail Handling Techniques; Dealing with the Public; Off Premise & Work Alone Employment; Hostility & Anger. 

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