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Director, ConEdison

“Thanks to the resource you provided, the workshop on Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty not only met, but exceeded our expectations!  The feedback from the 300 people who attended was outstanding.  I’ll look forward to working with you in future projects.”



International Facilitation

  • Over one hundred local trainers facilitating in local languages
  • Understanding of local business cultures and customs

Translation Services

  • Expert translations by professional translators; not just a software or computer-based translation
  • A fast, cost-effective way to allow for globalization of your workshop content
  • Better understanding for participants where English is their second language

Printing, Storage, & Distribution Services

  • Varied print and finishing options
  • Worldwide distribution and tracking
  • Customs expediting service

Workshop Scheduling and Registration

  • Internet-based scheduling and participant registration for both online and classroom training events
  • Full reporting and tracking capabilities

Integrated Learning Management System (iLMS)

  • 24/7 online access to all training events (online and classroom)
  • Conversion service to convert your classroom content to online programs
  • Opportunities for popular “blended learning” solutions
  • Expanded course offerings through Online Universities 
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