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Executive Coaching is a critical element of a comprehensive Executive Development program.  Executive Coaching helps key employees:

  • Identify and build upon their strengths
  • Recognize and overcome weaknesses and areas of need
  • Draw lessons from on-the-job situations
  • Develop confidence and trust in their management intuition
  • See themselves from others’ perspective
  • Become better leaders

Success Factors

The most important factor in successful Executive Coaching is pairing the participant with the ideal coach.   To ensure success, the coach must be compatible with the client on many levels.  Expert Access makes coaching matches based on the participants’ personalities, backgrounds, communication styles, and approach.  All of these factors contribute to the success of the coaching program and enable mutual respect and trust in the coaching relationship.

The Expert Access Advantage

The professional coaches used by Expert Access are prescreened, pre-vetted, and possess a wide array of certifications, qualifications and coaching styles.  We’ve worked with most of our consultants for years, and perform extensive reference checks on all of our coaches before any client introductions are made. 

Expert Access has helped clients succeed with a variety of coaching assignments.  Whether you’re looking for:

  • a coach with expertise in global leadership to give your managers the cultural and political savvy needed to navigate new environments;
  • a coach who can expertly onboard a new hire by helping to establishing positive relationships and providing objective feedback about the degree to which he or she is hitting—or missing—key objectives;
  • or a coach with hands-on experience in assisting your executive transition to a role with new functional responsibilities such as finance or marketing, we can provide the best match.

How We Work With You

After an initial consultation with the client and understanding of their needs, we recommend one or two of our coaches based on the matching criteria (usually we are able forward bios immediately after the consultation, and in most cases our first recommendation is a good fit).  This process saves our clients the extensive time and effort of interviewing and vetting coaches themselves.  And all of these services are provided at no extra charge to our clients, as part of the Expert Access fee-sharing structure.

What to Expect

While each of our consultants has their own individual style, the overall approach is always consistent with industry best practices.  A comprehensive Executive Coaching Assignment will include:

  • Assessment- identify performance goals, areas needing improvement, performance or skill gaps, and expected outcomes.  This phase usually involves the participant’s manager as well as the participant.
  • Information Gathering -360° feedback from managers, peers, direct reports and others.  Participant assessments include MBTI, style inventories, MRG Leadership Effectiveness, HoganLead, etc.
  • Plan Development – participant and coach develop initial plan for addressing specific areas of development.  Plan is discussed with manager and agreed upon by all (participant, coach and manager).
  • Implementation – Coaching sessions are typically 1.5 – 2 hours and are scheduled bi-weekly.  Implementation can also include supporting or training programs as needed.
  • Reporting & Feedback – Progress evaluations, feedback gathering, and reporting are provided based on agreed-upon methods and timetable.  Ensure client goals have been achieved and expectations met.
  • Follow-up – Ongoing communication and/or coaching as needed.


  • Fees are typically based on the scope of services, number of sessions contracted, and the executive coach’s background, experience and availability. 
  • Instrumentation (MBTI, Benchmarks, Styles Inventories, Hogan etc.), and data gathering (360 feedback processes) are billed separately. 
  • Typical executive coaching engagements include 1.5 - 2 hour, bi- weekly in-person sessions, with phone calls between the coach, client and stakeholders as needed.

To find out how Expert Access can help you with your Executive Development program, contact us today for a free consultation.

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